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Professional Services.
Regulatory Specialists.
Full Lifecycle Mgmt.
Low Code Experts.
Secure by Design.

Professional Services.
Total Business Support.

Early in our life at Fortesium, we had a development team and a client support team, it’s often the way software companies are set up; but we quickly recognised that this wasn’t good enough and that we wanted to be able to support the whole life of a product/project and our clients through all of their own development processes.

With over 30-years of regulatory experience and a team who have specialised in regulatory work and forward-looking strategies we now have specialists in every single area that you will need. Imagine the power of a team who spend all day, every day working with, and designing with your peers, the potential for cross-organisational learning is immense and we stop at nothing to bring this fully to bear to support all of our regulator clients. Our team are not developers, or project managers, or architects; they are regulatory developers, regulatory project managers, or regulatory architects – each and every one of us is invested in this industry and to providing better regulatory digital solutions and ultimately, to better protecting the public.

Ongoing support through our help desk, or project support through our functional specialists, digital transformation or product development is hugely important to us at Fortesium. We progress our products for and with our regulator dents, many of our best developments have come from working together with our clients, and that is exactly how we want it to be.




Professional Services
Key Features.

Looking for additional ongoing support for our products, via our formal support desk, or informal support, functional specialists; training, business analysis and planning; digital transformation, strategic planning and business cases, data analysis and presentation using Power BI, project management, architecture planning, website support, or specialist ongoing product or bespoke customisations/developments, or even working on big-data and/or Al solutions.

We are able to provide all of this and much more to support your project from inception through to implementation and support in steady state through our professional services team, fully integrated with our development and operations teams and available via SFIA if preferred.

Data Analysis Specialists.

Professional Services
Professional Services
Professional Services

Key Technical Specifications.


Built on the high-performance NServiceBus architecture, our platform ensures message processing that is thousands of times faster than competitors. It seamlessly integrates with leading systems, including SQL Server, Dynamics 365/CRM and legacy systems.


Choose secure hosting in Azure, either managed by us or by you, with a guarantee that no personal data is stored on our servers.


Effortlessly integrate with popular communication services like SendGrid, Mail Chimp, Eventbrite, and others.


Our in-house customer support operates during full business hours, following ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards. Out-of-hours support is available upon request.


Easily integrate with a range of payment providers, including Sage, Credit & Debit Cards, GoCardless, Barclaycard, Opayo, Direct Debits, and more.


Leverage the power of our fully automated identity checking service, powered by Onfido.


Public websites are built in Umbraco and supported by our specialist team.


Perform data analysis and reporting with seamless integration to Power BI. Our products also feature in-house analytics capabilities.


All our systems are built using our proprietary form builder, providing flexibility and customisation.


Our products are completely device-agnostic and achieve Accessibility Compliance (AA) standards.


Our products utilise the low-code platform CMMN, enabling simplified and rapid implementation of workflow changes based on case handling.


Rest assured with our comprehensive security measures. We are proud recipients of the Cyber Essentials Award, 27001 certification and Cyber Essentials Plus Awards in 2022.