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Fortesium empowers organisations to embrace the future with confidence. Our comprehensive suite of solutions covers all aspects of regulation, ensuring streamlined operations and improved outcomes. From the core regulatory functions provided by Regulator Online to the incredible range and power of our CPD and FTP solutions, we offer tried and tested digital solutions ready to roll-out in your organisation. Explore the possibilities of Regulator Online, Fitness to Practice, Continuous Professional Development, Search the Register, and Professional Services. Click on each service name below to learn more and discover how our solutions can transform your regulatory processes.

Register Online.
Empowering Efficient Regulation

Register Online is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline regulatory processes and empower organisations with efficiency and control. With its user-friendly interface, accessibility features, and low-code capabilities, Register Online offers a seamless experience for both administrators and users. From handling initial registrations and renewals to facilitating user self-administration, Register Online covers all the essential aspects of regulatory management.

Fitness to Practice Portal.
Efficient. Comprehensive. Secure.

FTP Portal is a comprehensive platform for efficient file transfer and collaboration in regulatory processes. It offers user-friendly features like external capture forms for secure data collection. With cost-saving triage and ongoing risk appraisals, resources can be prioritised effectively. Configurable workflows, intelligent bundling, and parallel investigations enhance productivity. The portal supports customisable adjudications, adapting to specific needs. With its focus on ease of use, comprehensive functionality, low-code architecture, and robust security, the FTP Portal is a reliable solution for regulatory file management and collaboration.

Continuous Professional Development Portal.
Efficient. Comprehensive. Secure.

The CPD Portal is a user-friendly and efficient platform designed to support professionals in their continuous professional development, offering flexible portfolio durations, wide-ranging cycles, clear threshold criteria, date-driven interactions, a managed assessor review process for quality assessment, comprehensive reporting features to track progress and achievements, personalised learning pathways tailored to individual development needs, and seamless integration with existing systems for enhanced workflow and convenience.

Search the Register.
Customise your search.
Refine your results.

Search the Register is a powerful tool that allows you to effortlessly find and access comprehensive information. With its versatile filtering options and phonetic search functionality, you can easily refine your search criteria and obtain accurate results. The integration with FTP Portal ensures a seamless experience, while the direct registrant contact feature enables direct communication with the desired registrants. Additionally, the integration with Google Geolocation provides enhanced location-based search capabilities. Experience the convenience and depth of information with Search the Register.

Professional Services.
Streamlined Solutions.
End-to-End Expertise.
Agile Development.
Robust Security.

Our Professional Services team comprises regulatory specialists and domain experts who offer comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of your digital transformation journey. From ITIL-trained support desk services to functional expertise, we are here to assist you in realising your digital goals. We provide customised solutions for digital transformation, leveraging our expertise in data analysis, dashboarding, and bespoke development. With our specialisation in big data, we deliver innovative and tailored solutions that empower your organisation to thrive in the digital era.

Key Technical Specifications.


Built on the high-performance NServiceBus architecture, our platform ensures message processing that is thousands of times faster than competitors. It seamlessly integrates with leading systems, including SQL Server, Dynamics 365/CRM and legacy systems.


Choose secure hosting in Azure, either managed by us or by you, with a guarantee that no personal data is stored on our servers.


Effortlessly integrate with popular communication services like SendGrid, Mail Chimp, Eventbrite, and others.


Our in-house customer support operates during full business hours, following ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards. Out-of-hours support is available upon request.


Easily integrate with a range of payment providers, including Sage, Credit & Debit Cards, GoCardless, Barclaycard, Opayo, Direct Debits, and more.


Leverage the power of our fully automated identity checking service, powered by Onfido.


Public websites are built in Umbraco and supported by our specialist team.


Perform data analysis and reporting with seamless integration to Power BI. Our products also feature in-house analytics capabilities.


All our systems are built using our proprietary form builder, providing flexibility and customisation.


Our products are completely device-agnostic and achieve Accessibility Compliance (AA) standards.


Our products utilise the low-code platform CMMN, enabling simplified and rapid implementation of workflow changes based on case handling.


Rest assured with our comprehensive security measures. We are proud recipients of the Cyber Essentials Award, 27001 certification and Cyber Essentials Plus Awards in 2022.