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Gemma – Lead Business Analyst

Digital Futures.
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Welcome to Fortesium, your trusted specialist software partner. We provide off-the-shelf, customisable solutions designed specifically for Regulators. Our mission is to empower you with the tools and expertise needed to embrace your digital future, while optimising efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and user experiences.

Why choose Fortesium? We are the intersection of deep industry insight, technical prowess, and regulatory expertise. By collaborating with us, you gain a strategic partner who delivers impactful, measurable, and sustainable business change. We are committed to understanding your unique challenges, ensuring that your investment priorities align seamlessly with your strategic goals.

At Fortesium, we anticipate, adapt, and act swiftly to solve problems because we recognise that behind every solution are people. We genuinely care about the individuals we serve and strive to make a positive difference in their lives.

Join us on the path to digital transformation. Together, we can shape a better future.

Are you
Future Ready?

Fortesium empowers organisations to embrace the future with confidence. Our comprehensive suite of solutions covers all aspects of regulation, ensuring streamlined operations and improved outcomes. From the core regulatory functions provided by Regulator Online to the incredible range and power of our CPD and FTP solutions, we offer tried and tested digital solutions ready to roll-out in your organisation. Explore the possibilities of Regulator Online, Fitness to Practice, Continuous Professional Development, Search the Register, and Professional Services. Click on each service name below to learn more and discover how our solutions can transform your regulatory processes.

Trusted by
over a million users.

Fortesium software has earned the trust of over a million users. We estimate that one in three of the UK’s regulated professionals rely on our software as an integral part of their registration process. This includes over one million professionals, along with tens of thousands of regulator team members, members of the public, other professionals, and institutions.

In the healthcare sector alone, Fortesium software is used by more than 45% of individuals within Professional Standards Authority regulators. Additionally, three of their key regulators have chosen Fortesium products to support their operations.

Trusted by over a million users.

Embrace the Future
of Regulation

At Fortesium, our driving purpose is to ensure our clients succeed. With a team that boasts over 30 years of experience across all areas of the regulatory sector, including software development, project management, and executive leadership; we have an innate understanding of your challenges and the changing face of regulation.

Fortesium is passionate about the industry we serve, and our expertise enables us to develop efficient digital processes that align with your needs. From embracing the power of big data and AI to adopting predictive triage and positive concern prevention strategies, we stay ahead of the curve to help you navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

In this era of hybrid digital and physical work environments, we recognise the need for organisations to be specific, innovative, and faster. With a strong commitment to digital transformation, we empower IT and business leaders to create more agile, flexible, secure, and productive organisations.

Partner with Fortesium and embark on a journey towards regulatory excellence in the digital age.

Our Responsibilities.

We’re passionate about our place in the world and leaving it a better place than we came into wherever and whenever we can. We are a business with manyyoung employees and relish the passion they bring to enforcing our values. As a team and a business, we continue to learn and to grow at every opportunity.

Environmental Policy

We recognise the significance of the effects of Climate Change, now and in the future and wherever we are able will play our part in minimizing the impact of our activities and of our industry and encourage our Clients and Contractors similarly.


Charitable Activities

We encourage our team to engage with charitable organisations and causes, not only to give back, but also for the learning they can get from seeing how others do things. Additionally on behalf of our team, we make donations to good causes that we all agree are deserving. Most recently, this was a significant donation to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery is a blight on our social structures and wherever we are able, we will oppose and condemn its existence.


The purpose of regulation has always been to protect the public from harm from the poor provision of professional services, but at Fortesium, we like to look at this from the other end of the telescope. We like to think about how what we do can ensure quality of provision right from the beginning.




Key Technical Specifications.


Built on the high-performance NServiceBus architecture, our platform ensures message processing that is thousands of times faster than competitors. It seamlessly integrates with leading systems, including SQL Server, Dynamics 365/CRM and legacy systems.


Choose secure hosting in Azure, either managed by us or by you, with a guarantee that no personal data is stored on our servers.


Effortlessly integrate with popular communication services like SendGrid, Mail Chimp, Eventbrite, and others.


Our in-house customer support operates during full business hours, following ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards. Out-of-hours support is available upon request.


Easily integrate with a range of payment providers, including Sage, Credit & Debit Cards, GoCardless, Barclaycard, Opayo, Direct Debits, and more.


Leverage the power of our fully automated identity checking service, powered by Onfido.


Public websites are built in Umbraco and supported by our specialist team.


Perform data analysis and reporting with seamless integration to Power BI. Our products also feature in-house analytics capabilities.


All our systems are built using our proprietary form builder, providing flexibility and customisation.


Our products are completely device-agnostic and achieve Accessibility Compliance (AA) standards.


Our products utilise the low-code platform CMMN, enabling simplified and rapid implementation of workflow changes based on case handling.


Rest assured with our comprehensive security measures. We are proud recipients of the Cyber Essentials Award, 27001 certification and Cyber Essentials Plus Awards in 2022.