System Integration

Seamlessly integrating systems

Very often organisations have a number of varied systems across a range of different technologies and platforms. In some cases these technologies may vary from the cutting edge to decades old legacy systems.

Fortesium have range of specialist skills that enable us to develop the appropriate robust solution allowing for the integration of these systems.

Our attention to detail, technical design, high quality coding and testing ensure that the deployed solution meets all the business requirements.

Whether you require data to be integrated between systems on the same network or disparate systems where data needs to be securely transported using various means Fortesium has the appropriate solution.

To add value to our solution our expertise ranges from legacy system written in VB6 (and even earlier versions), C++, C, Com+. Databases include various versions for Sql Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 but to name a few.

For example we have delivered a solution to a large FTSE 250 client where there needed to be an interface between a new POS system and a legacy enterprise accounting system.

There were two key success drivers to this project. In the first instance Fortesium took great care in producing an in-depth data dictionary clearly specifying the meaning of each data item. This proved vital as it gave both Fortesium and the client a view of what needed to be achieved.

The second success factor was the development architecture which used the NServiceBus Product. This ensured that all data send between the two systems would never be lost. In the case where one of the systems was unavailable then NServiceBus would store the information and then release it for processing when the systems became available.