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Register Online.
Empowering Efficient Regulation.

Register Online
Empowering Regulators

From small-scale regulatory bodies to large-scale organizations, certain core functions are essential for effective regulation. This understanding drove the establishment of Fortesium 12 years ago, and it remains the essence of our commitment to our clients. We provide tailored Register Online (ROL) packages designed to enhance user experience, drive self-service capabilities, streamline administrative tasks, and ultimately save you valuable time, resources, and frustration.

Consider the impact of countless phone calls and emails from registrants on your administration and registration teams, hindering their ability to focus on critical functions. Moreover, the time spent compiling data for declarations, FTP, CPD, and other requirements can be significantly reduced. With ROL, most of these challenges are eliminated. Our customizable low-code workflows and comprehensive audit trails ensure a seamless and efficient process. ROL is the ready-to-use, customizable solution that will elevate your regulatory processes to new heights.

Register Online was our first and now longest-standing specific product for regulators, it is the core of what we do and always under development as we seek new and innovative ways to save our clients’ time and money. I and the team, are incredibly proud of this product, the only one of it’s type in the UK and are always delighted to have the chance to show it’s features off to regulators.




Register Online
Key Features.

Register Online (ROL) is a comprehensive software solution that automates and simplifies various critical tasks for regulatory organizations. With ROL, you can streamline processes such as initial registration, including the handling of Higher Education Learner (HEl) uploads, as well as manage renewals, retention, revalidation, and readmission procedures. The software efficiently handles payments, both ad-hoc and Direct Debits, while also managing failed payment transactions.

ROL provides a range of portals, including admin, communications, and user portals, which empower users to self-manage their accounts. Users can easily handle tasks such as updating personal information, including changes of name and address, and conveniently download certificates. The software is built on a flexible low-code platform, allowing for customization to align with your organization’s specific workflows and processes. Additionally, ROL offers dynamic dashboarding capabilities, providing real-time insights and data visualization for effective monitoring and reporting.

By leveraging ROL’s automation, user portals, and payment management features, regulatory organizations can streamline their operations, enhance user experience, and reduce administrative burdens. The software is designed to optimize workflows, ensure compliance, and deliver a seamless and efficient experience for administrators and regulated professionals.

Data Analysis Specialists.

Register Online
Register Online

Register Online.
Example Process Maps.

Register Online
Register Online

Which package is Right for You?

Register Online

From as little as £1.45 per registrant per month*, plus a £12,500 one-off fee, including:

  • Out-of-the-box solution
  • Public search the register
  • Fully branded portals & automatic emails
  • One complete Initial Registration process**
  • Powerful Admin Portal
  • PowerBI dashboards
  • Annual Renewal
  • Fully auditable history
  • Card payments & DDs
  • AA compliance
  • Self service homepage
  • ISO 27001-level security
  • Full support desk with regular reporting

Register Online

All the features of Register Online LITE, from as little as £2.10 per registrant per month*, plus a £50,000 one off fee, plus:

  • Fully customisable workflows/processes
  • Several Initial Registration pathways
  • HEI Upload Portal
  • Periodic Revalidation
  • Bespoke homepage & admin portals
  • Bespoke PowerBI dashboards
  • Bulk email campaigns
  • FTP / CPD approvals
  • Bespoke management reporting
  • Full Search the Register LITE product

Key Technical Specifications.


Built on the high-performance NServiceBus architecture, our platform ensures message processing that is thousands of times faster than competitors. It seamlessly integrates with leading systems, including SQL Server, Dynamics 365/CRM and legacy systems.


Choose secure hosting in Azure, either managed by us or by you, with a guarantee that no personal data is stored on our servers.


Effortlessly integrate with popular communication services like SendGrid, Mail Chimp, Eventbrite, and others.


Our in-house customer support operates during full business hours, following ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards. Out-of-hours support is available upon request.


Easily integrate with a range of payment providers, including Sage, Credit & Debit Cards, GoCardless, Barclaycard, Opayo, Direct Debits, and more.


Leverage the power of our fully automated identity checking service, powered by Onfido.


Public websites are built in Umbraco and supported by our specialist team.


Perform data analysis and reporting with seamless integration to Power BI. Our products also feature in-house analytics capabilities.


All our systems are built using our proprietary form builder, providing flexibility and customisation.


Our products are completely device-agnostic and achieve Accessibility Compliance (AA) standards.


Our products utilise the low-code platform CMMN, enabling simplified and rapid implementation of workflow changes based on case handling.


Rest assured with our comprehensive security measures. We are proud recipients of the Cyber Essentials Award, 27001 certification and Cyber Essentials Plus Awards in 2022.