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Continuous Professional Development Portal.
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Continuous Professional Development.
Theirs, and Yours.

Improving CPD capture and auditing has been identified as a key area in which regulators can deliver better regulation of their users and better protect the public. But this can be time-consuming and requires additional expertise and resources at a time when operating budgets are becoming more and more stretched.

At Fortesium we recognised this sometime ago and developed our CPD product to address both these challenges. It is an extremely powerful piece of software, with self-service and automation of so many of the processes, managing the administration, collating and presenting results. Whilst compiling and maintaining a fully auditable history of all submissions, communications and decisions. With many variables available, even before customisation to your requirements, from portfolio durations, to cycle requirements, and audit numbers our CPD product is the off the shelf customisable solution to take your processes to the next level.

CPD for individuals has always been required by professional bodies, but recently we have seen regulators monitoring CPD more thoroughly. Using this data captured with our CPD software, integrated with our FTP product to find key indicators of concerns and nullify them earlier. This saves them time and money, and better protects the public.




CPD Portal
Key Features

As requirements on regulators become more onerous, we are always looking for ways to preempt issues. The CPD Portal provides a powerful tee with a comprehensive toolkit and dynamic dashboards designed for regulators to collect data and assess their users.

Portfolios from annual returns to specific to individuals and everything in between, including partial, late, and exemptions. Bespoke dates for cycle entry, low-code customisable-to-you-workflows, and details captured within planning, evidence, evaluation, and reflection categories under flexible measurement units, with dear portfolio pass-criteria.

Simple, automated selection/assessment processes, including dealing with failure and reassessment and separate portals for users, admin and assessors.

Data Analysis Specialists.

Continuous Professional Development

CPD Portal.
Example Process Maps.

Continuous Professional Development
Continuous Professional Development

Key Technical Specifications.


Built on the high-performance NServiceBus architecture, our platform ensures message processing that is thousands of times faster than competitors. It seamlessly integrates with leading systems, including SQL Server, Dynamics 365/CRM and legacy systems.


Choose secure hosting in Azure, either managed by us or by you, with a guarantee that no personal data is stored on our servers.


Effortlessly integrate with popular communication services like SendGrid, Mail Chimp, Eventbrite, and others.


Our in-house customer support operates during full business hours, following ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards. Out-of-hours support is available upon request.


Easily integrate with a range of payment providers, including Sage, Credit & Debit Cards, GoCardless, Barclaycard, Opayo, Direct Debits, and more.


Leverage the power of our fully automated identity checking service, powered by Onfido.


Public websites are built in Umbraco and supported by our specialist team.


Perform data analysis and reporting with seamless integration to Power BI. Our products also feature in-house analytics capabilities.


All our systems are built using our proprietary form builder, providing flexibility and customisation.


Our products are completely device-agnostic and achieve Accessibility Compliance (AA) standards.


Our products utilise the low-code platform CMMN, enabling simplified and rapid implementation of workflow changes based on case handling.


Rest assured with our comprehensive security measures. We are proud recipients of the Cyber Essentials Award, 27001 certification and Cyber Essentials Plus Awards in 2022.