Technical overview

Technical overview of Regulator Online

Fortesium's Regulator Online solution gives IT control of virtual machines, applications, licensing, and security while providing anywhere access for any device.

Connected with NServiceBus

Regulator Online contains NServiceBus which offers enterprise-grade scalability and reliability within our platform. As a distribution layer between the web portals, databases and the mirco services NServiceBus allows an unparallel level of reliability, scalability and robustness.


Regulator Online contains a comprehensive range of Regulator focused functionality. Each feature maximises interoperability between systems both internal and external to your organisation, self-service communications with your stakeholders, cost effectiveness and reliability.


Regulator Online contains a range of web portals which built using the Microsoft stack of products. Each portal contains a range of features which can me easily customised to meet your business requirements.

For example:

• The member portal allows your registrants to opportunity to view their registration, change their details, setup a direct debit or make a credit card payment, view they payment history or produce a tax letter, request to be removed from the register.

• The EPortfolio allows registrants to keep their CPD up to date and where, in the case of Revalidation, the registrant can view any shortfall in their training requirements.

• Fitness to Practice is a case management system which manages a complaint from inception/triage through to conclusion.


Regulator Online has been build to be a wholistic solution where we deliver a register/database within the solution or if you already have a register/database our product can interface with that database. We interface with a range of databases which include SQl Server, Salesforce, Dynamics or legacy systems. In the case of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fortesium have developed a RegulatorOnline interconnector which allows a real time interface between the two systems.

Third party technologies

Regulator Online integrates with a variety of third party applications and their providers


With the key goal of return on investment regulators must communicate with their registrants via email and not paper. Using SendGrid you can create or modify an email.

Payment provision

Our platform contains a range of microservices allowing interoperability via API’s.

Identity checking

To meet the ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements Regulator Online identity management features verify people's identities using a photo-based identity document, a selfie and artificial intelligence algorithms. This ensures that the registrants passport is valid and has not been tampered with. In addition the selfie picture is verified against the passport picture to ensure authenticity. There are a range of additional features which can also be included in the verification process including right to work in the UK, cautions and convictions.

Umbraco CMS

A lot of regulators might already have an externally focus content management system. In this case Regulator Online offers simple plugs ins which contain the ‘Search the Register’ and ‘Make a Complaint’ functionality.

Perhaps the current external website needs to be upgraded. Fortesium offer a Regulator Online content management system as part of the platform. This simple to use, fully features CMS is built using the Umbraco framework. This technology is currently used by Microsoft, Heinz and Mercedes-Benz.

Regulator Online @ The Nursing and Midwifery Council

See how Fortesium brought the world’s largest healthcare register online with a digital service to allow registrants to manage their registration, interact with the register, and allow various payment methods and plans to be implemented.

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