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Modular view of Regulator Online

Regulator Online provides a complete set of flexible and customizable modules to manage your register.

Initial Registration

Initial registrations are easy with Regulator Online. Registrants are prompted with an ‘Apply Now’ button, either on an external website or through a dedicated portal for interaction with Higher Education Institutions.

Automated processes handle account creation, capture through online forms, and payment before accepting a registrant.

The forms, process, and the workflow are easily customized to meet the requirements of your business processes.


Correctly handling the process of registering overseas registrants is vital in protecting the public. The Regulator Online platform can capture a vast array of information from registrants.

Regulator Online enables:

• Secure collection of information as required of overseas registrants

• Seeking electronic information from 3rd party referees and overseas registration boards.

• Interfacing with providers such as English testers, CBT and OSCI providers.

Where possible, the registration process is automated, and exceptions are passed to a review administrator for handling through the Regulator Online administrative portal.

Direct debit

Most regulators want their registrants to pay by direct debit. The Regulator Online member portal offers different methods of periodically reminding registrants to set up Direct Debit mandates.

Regulator Online seamlessly interfaces with providers like GoCardless, EasyCollect and others, and enables collection on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

3rd party reference

Ensuring minimal manual interaction with 3rd party regulators is vital. Regulator Online streamlines the process, and allows for a range of references to be collected electronically.

As an example, in the case of an overseas applicant going through an initial registration to apply for registration, Regulator Online will contact the relevant overseas board for election confirmation.


Regulator Online provides a range of self-service features ensuring the registrant does not contract the regulator directly. The features are available on the members portal.


Regulator Online has a range of customizable features to allow previously registered registrants to re-join the register provided they still meet the requisite requirements.

The business process can be customized to meet the very different requirements of Overseas, Return to Practice, Revalidation, and Partial readmission

Customizable complaint capture and processing engines.

The Make a Complaint module allows for comprehensive validation and triage processing, hosted on a regulator’s external website. A complaint can be accepted, rejected, or placed on hold for additional information.

The Fitness to Practice module allows the processing of a complaint from inception to final outcome.


Regulator Online provides and extensive set of APIs, so registrant data is securely transported and utilised on external platforms.

In particular, these APIs allow for data to be fed to external website hosting features such as Search the Register, Approved Programmers, and Employers Confirmation.

Heigher education institutes

HEI’s need a dedicated portal to be able to easily upload students to the register. The Regulator Online platform provides an HEI portal to validate the student data, and also provide the facilities for authorised signatures to provide references for a proposed registrant.


Registrants wishing to work abroad need a confirmation certificate to present to their new regulator. This process is streamlined in Regulator Online by allowing registrants to request verification which is directly accessible by an overseas regulator.

In addition to the reducing processing costs, this method also allows the overseas regulator to view precise registrant details in real time, and not as a snapshot, as is the case with paper verification certificates.


Regulator Online provides comprehensive orchestration and control of emails and SMS messages to meet and enhance customer experience.

• Create dynamic segments based on customer data and campaign engagement.

• Personalise content and subject lines to provide a tailored experience

• Beautiful emails with clear calls to action with the simple drag and drop design editor and HTML code.

• Build deeper connections with customers and improve team efficiency by automating recurring emails on delivery schedules align to any business process.

Regulator Online’s high flexibility ensures the right cadence for engaging your audience

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