Customer journey

The customer journey with Regulator Online

Our customer journey maps provide a deeper insight into a customer needs, wants and motivation and helps us improve the quality of services being offering through a culture of innovation.

A journey will be experienced differently by people therefore it is essential to gain a clear understanding of the people who are engaging with your organisation in order to deliver experiences that cater for them.

Here is a simple customer journey map highlighting the journey of individuals who are required to engage with regulators in order to practise their profession in the UK. It highlights just how early an individual may become engaged in their journey and how they might look to the regulator for advice and information, very early on. Interestingly, the majority of regulator customers will have a long standing relationship with the regulator due to the very nature of having to be registered to work, therefore it is critical that regulators pay particular attention to the servicing and loyalty aspects of their journey, as this is likely to be where customer opinions will form and evolve.

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