The Nursing and Midwifery Council: Transforming the customer experience

Reduced print and postal costs

Quick and simple registrations

Increased accuracy of data

Ease and simplicity of payments

Fortesium has been working with the NMC since 2010 delivering the NMC Online service that supports nurses and midwives across the UK. The Fortesium software that forms Regulator Online is responsible for creating the portal through which every nurse in the UK registers and keeps their details up to date with the NMC, pays their annual subscription and updates their qualifications and CPD.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the largest healthcare regulatory body in the world, with over 685,000 nurses and midwives on the register. The NMC exist to protect the public by setting standards of education, training, conduct and performance so that nurses and midwives deliver high quality healthcare.

Business problem

Fortesium’s challenge was to bring the world’s largest healthcare register online. The NMC register being paper based incurred considerable printing and mailing cost. Paper based forms prone to human error led to considerable delays in processing and updating registrations. The proposed bespoke system needed to allow registrants to manage their registration as well as allowing credit card payments along with the ability set up direct debits. Contact details could be updated as could employee’s geographical location along with equality and diversity information and much more.


Fortesium engineered a secure, responsive and easily extendable self service online portal using a combination of modern frameworks such as Microsoft ASP.NET, Knockout JS, Bootstrap and others. A solution built around a distributed event messaging framework, Fortesium chose NServiceBus as the core framework with MSMQ as the reliable transport. Side by side with NMC Online, Fortesium also developed an administration website for the Fitness To Practice department of the NMC. Allowing call centre staff to streamline the process of arranging any hearings.


Fortesium delivered the required system on time and within budget. Over 600,000 nurses and midwives have signed up to NMC Online resulting in considerable saving for the NMC. The success of NMC Online has led Fortesium to work on other project for the NMC such as HEI Uploads, Readmission, Revalidation and future projects like MRPQ and Phased payments.

Reduce Print and Postal Costs

In 2014 the NMC spent a staggering £1 million on the design, print and mailing of information and application packs to NMC registrants and prospective registrants. Through the use of our software and the migration of that activity online, these costs were reduced to just £100,000 by 2017 and are still falling.

Chart: £ Print and post costs

Quicker and Simpler Registrations

With HEI’s now able to directly upload new qualifications into the NMC register through their own dedicated portal, newly qualified nurses are instantly enrolled and able to get out into the workforce quicker than ever before.

Chart: UK registrations – three year comparison for September

Increased Accuracy of Data

Nurses can update their details and information quickly, easily and directly using NMC Online leading to an 80% decrease in manual address changes since Fortesium implemented this functionality in 2013.

Chart: Manual v Online address change yearly comparison

Ease and simplicity of payments

Since adding the functionality in 2014 Fortesium’s payment solution has taken over £200 million in payments on behalf of the NMC.

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