Database Design

Making Big data work

Scalable, portable and secure

The design of your data and your database are critical to the success of your project.

We will always identify suitable solutions to make your data work for you. Our technical design will give you capacity, speed and add cost benefit to your business as well as streamlining processes which will help you manage data efficiently without adding to your budget.

Access Business intelligence data any time and anywhere instantly. Getting access to your data quickly and easily is important to you, we will design a database with an easy to use interface to make data access intuitive and fast.

We will build your database to match your future needs as your workflows increase and your organisation grows.

Data security is vital to any company or organisation. Our database design knowledge and cloud back-up and storage solutions provide the safety and integrity your business demands.

As .NET designers we specialise in Microsoft SQL Server. This technology stack is extensive, ranging from SQL Express to a clustered version of SQL Server Enterprise R2, and SQL Azure cloud computing.