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At Fortesium, we have more than 30 years of experience creating software business solutions

During that time we have worked with different technology platforms, helping companies successfully adopt and implement systems effectively to meet their business needs.

We have worked with a diverse portfolio of clients across a range of business sectors. We understand the essentials of business and different challenges facing implementers of technology solutions.

Doing this isn’t always easy. We have the expertise that can bridge the gap between language and knowledge, or a business requirement and software solution.

Within our consultancy, we use a development team that is dynamic, experienced and scalable, to meet any sized project.


The Fortesium philosophy

We want to deliver the most effective solution. On time and within budget.

Our staff are permanent employees of either graduate standard, or working towards Microsoft certification. Each of our consultants is UK based, and we do not outsource work overseas for completion.

Fortesium is an experienced technology company. We understand plain language business requirements, and translate them into working solutions.

If you need a software solution for Mobile, Desktop, Web or Cloud, contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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